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The Injury
The use of arthroscopy in the elbow has become more common, but is considered more complex than arthroscopy of many other joints due to the complicated structure of this joint and the location of many nerves and vessels surrounding the joint. Dr Halbrecht is a nationally known expert on arthroscopy of the elbow, and has taught numerous courses on this technique to other orthopedic surgeons.

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Treatment Options
Arthroscopy has many advantages over open surgery, particularly at the elbow. Because of the complex nature of this joint, it is prone to becoming stiff after surgery. Arthroscopy allows surgery to be performed through tiny puncture holes, without any incisions. Post surgical pain is greatly reduced allowing earlier range of motion and less risk of stiffness. Of course, external scarring is also mostly eliminated, allowing a much more cosmetic result as well. A list of elbow problems that may be treated arthroscopically follows:

  • Removal of loose bodies (fragments) in the joint
  • Debridement of chondromalacia (cartilage damage)
  • Treatment of elbow arthritis
  • Treatment of osteochondritis dessicans
  • Release of scar tissue to gain motion in the stiff elbow
  • Olecrenon impingement (throwers elbow)
  • Arthroscopic release of tennis elbow

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