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Common Knee Injuries and How to Prevent Them

Bay Area Knee Doctor Discusses Health of the Prominent Leg Joint

Ever had a favorite pair of stiletto heels that made every outfit you wore look like a red carpet favorite? Unfortunately, that beloved pair of high heels is equally responsible for pain in your body. Any knee injury specialist will inform you that high heels are the worst things for your posture and knees and can cause knee pain by increasing pressure on your knee joint and creating tight calves. But women in high heels are not the only ones susceptible to knee pain, both men and women are prone to knee injury if they don’t stretch or have poor form. If you want to avoid knee pain and protect your health, take these simple and easy preventative measures:


1. Avoid High Heels. It places your body into an unnatural position and inflicts way too much pressure on your joints and knees.

2. When engaging in sports or other recreational activities, consider wearing a knee support to provide extra support to the knees.

3. Stretch before and after physical exercise to properly warm up your muscles. Avoid working out with stiff muscles that are prone to injury.

4. Use the proper technique while engaging in physical exercise so you do not strain the knee. Consult a knee doctor to learn about the best body positions for optimum knee health.

5. Avoid overtraining when running. The term “runner’s knee” is a common problem among avid runners. Do not increase your mileage suddenly. Always build up speed and distance gradually. Strengthening your hip and other supporting muscles can help alleviate pressure on the knee. For example, do front planks and side planks to help build strength. Step-up balance, which is where a person steps onto a box, brings their leg to a flexed position, and holds it there for a few seconds, is also a great exercise to strengthen supporting muscles that surround the knee.

6. Always use equipment that is appropriate to your strength and fitness ability. Avoid overuse injuries by cross training and avoiding overly repetitive movements.

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