Common Soccer Injuries and Prevention

San Francisco Orthopedic Surgeon Offers Advice

Soccer is the most popular sport in the world and the fastest growing team sport in the United States. San Francisco Bay Area residents can find pickup games and league play nearly every day of the week. Whether you are a casual player or a committed athlete, soccer injuries can occur, but many can be prevented.

Common Injuries
As with any sport, soccer injuries can happen either from contact with other players or overuse.

To avoid a visit to your Bay Area sports medicine doctor, take actions to prevent overuse and other injuries with:

Best San Francisco Sports Medicine Clinic

Dr. Jeffrey L. Halbrecht, MD is a pioneer of minimally invasive arthroscopic surgery. Through the Institute of Arthroscopic and Sports Medicine (IASM), he has created a treatment team that specializes in all aspects of healing the injured player. He is the go-to knee injury doctor for athletes who want exceptional care with minimal recovery. Call IASM at (415) 923-0944 today to schedule an appointment.

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