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Exercise Advice for Cold Weather Conditions

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The Finest San Francisco Orthopedic Doctor Provides Physical Activity Guidance

It may be more difficult to work out in the cold, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t possible. Research suggests that even in extremely cold weather, the body knows how to regulate itself to maintain a temperature of 98.6 degrees. Some advice from a local San Francisco sports medicine doctor will definitely arm you with the right advice on how to protect your body during the cold. You can also follow these simple tips when working out in the winter months, which as a result will allow you to stay in shape no matter what the season.

Wear the Proper Fabric

Not only should you have something dry to change into after a long sweaty workout in the cold, you also want to wear the right layers. Try to avoid cotton layers because the fabric loses its ability to insulate when the body becomes sweaty. Cover your head, toes, and hands when outside. A face mask and scarf will also add an extra layer of protection.

Don’t Exercise in Extreme Wind Chill

We might seem like we are contradicting ourselves, but extreme cold is not safe to work out in, no matter how layered you are. Anything above 5 degrees will greatly diminish the chances of getting frostbite, but anything below it could lead to serious health problems. So if you are traveling to super cold areas, consider the wind chill and your clothing choices.

Listen to Your Body

Avoid a visit to a San Francisco orthopedic doctor by observing how your feet or other body parts react in the cold. If you wonder whether or not you are experiencing frostbite, listen to your body. The first signs of frostbite include numbness followed by a tingling and burning sensation. If you expect frostbite on a mild level, gradually nurse it back to health by running the affected area under lukewarm water or wrapping it under a towel. In extreme cases, consult a medical professional.

Treatment From A Bay Area Sports Injury Specialist

Exercising in the winter improperly may result in an unwanted visit to a Bay Area sports injury specialist if your body isn’t properly prepared for the cold. Follow these simple tips to avoid possible injury in the winter. If you happen to get injured, we can help. You can book online or give us a call (415) 923-0944

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