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Keep Kids Safe During Popular Winter Activities

Children’s Safety Discussed by a San Francisco Sports Injury Specialist

As dreamy as Hollywood may paint it, snow can sometimes best be enjoyed viewing it from indoors. If you are not skiing, the stark reality of murky mornings, iced pavements, violent winds, and below zero temperatures can sometimes take the joy out of snowfall and winter weather. However, even when not skiing, children often still want to be outside, fashioning snowmen, having snowball fights, and playing hide and seek. Usually with these activities, parents can have fun with children in the snow without having to worry about a dreaded visit to the knee injury doctor. When playing in the snow, just remember to follow a few basic precautions to minimize some other risks associated with children’s outdoor winter fun.


Keep Warm

Dress young children in water-resistant layers along with a hat, scarf, and mittens. Ensure they have indoor breaks roughly every 30 minutes so their bodies can warm back up. Children lose body heat faster than adults, so their temperature must be monitored closely. Make sure they stay hydrated and wear plenty of sunscreen; children are more susceptible to getting sunburned from the winter sky.

Snowboarding or Skiing

These sports have become more popular in recent years. Improper technique and lack of experience can land unprepared children in the office of a knee, ankle, and/or rotator cuff specialistKids can begin these sports as early as four years old, but it’s best to take a few professional lessons before doing so. Beginners should only ski/snowboard on easy terrains and wear proper gear, like sunglasses or goggles. Avoid head injuries by wearing helmets at all times.  

Ice Skating

You’ll often times see older kids and teenagers spinning around on the ice or dancing with other friends. If you have younger kids, however, you’ll want to make sure they can walk steadily before you allow them to spin on the ice. It’s best to start inexperienced skaters on double blades, and they should skate in the same direction of the crowd. Having young children wear helmets can also prevent potential head injuries that occur from falling.

Bay Area Orthopedic Surgeon Knows Youth Sports Medicine

Prepare for fun in the snow by following these basic tips. To learn other ways your children can enjoy fun and winter sports in the cold months while staying safe, contact your local sports injury specialist at IASM at (415) 923-0944.

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