Key Factors That Impact Meniscal Tear Recovery After Surgery

Are You Recovering From Meniscal Tear Surgery?

Meniscal tears are one of the most common knee injuries. Several factors play a role in deciding what treatment is most appropriate, including both the kind of tear you have and its location. A meniscus tear treatment specialist in San Francisco should help you make that decision. Surgery may be your best option to ensure proper recovery and a return to normal function and activities.

What Causes a Meniscus Tear? How is it Treated?

The menisci are two C-shaped pads of cartilage between your thigh and shin bones at your knee, one on the inner side and one at the outer. They act as shock absorbers to distribute forces across the knee. They also help stabilize joints, reduce stress on your knees, and protect smooth ends of bones from damage.

Meniscus tears usually occur when twisting the knee or quickly turning with a foot planted while the knee is bent.

Depending on how the meniscus tears, your orthopedic surgeon in San Francisco may elect to either remove a small portion of the torn meniscus or perform a meniscal repair. These procedures are performed through small incisions with the aid of a camera.

Key Factors That Impact Meniscal Tear Recovery

Age  The older you are, the longer your recovery is likely to take.

Weight  Extra weight usually means a longer recovery time.

Activity demands  Activity is encouraged after surgery. Extremely active people may need to scale back to ensure proper healing. Those who were active before injury may heal faster than those more sedentary.

Arthritis  Recovery times are typically longer for those with arthritis in their injured knee.

Type Of Surgery  Surgery that removes the damaged portion of the meniscus generally means a shorter recovery. Surgery that involves suturing the edges of the tear will require more healing time.

Exercises to improve or maintain the range of motion of your knee and to strengthen your leg muscles are almost always recommended as part of your rehabilitation.

Get Your Questions About Meniscal Tear Recovery Answered By An Expert At Orthopedic Surgery In San Francisco

If you’ve experienced a meniscal tear, it doesn’t mean you have to give up your active lifestyle or live with chronic knee pain. Getting the proper treatment and looking into the option of orthopedic surgery in San Francisco is a great choice. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Jeffrey Halbrecht for a consultation to learn more about your treatment options and what recovery will entail in your individual case.

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