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Preparing for the 2016 Rio Olympics

Sport Injuries

Athletes who compete at the Olympic level have worked and sacrificed for years to achieve the level of fitness and skill needed to bring home a medal. While the Zika outbreak has raised general health concerns around the globe, physical injuries are the bigger threat to the athletes.

Training Injuries

Shoulder and knee surgeries, with their resulting rehabilitation demands, are key pre-competition problems sidelining American athletes. The Men’s Basketball Team has been especially hard hit, with four players out due to post-surgical recovery. While a serious neck injury put the New York Giants player Nate Wilson’s NFL career on hold, he is hoping to overcome this challenge and qualify for the Rio games in the triple jump. As other Olympic hopefuls compete to qualify for the American team, some may also experience injuries that will derail their dreams.

Competition Injuries

There are 41 categories of Summer Olympic sports, each divided into men’s and women’s events. There will be hundreds of team and individual competitions throughout the Games, and injuries are almost certain to occur. Orthopedic doctors and other medical specialists will be on hand to support these athletes and help them achieve their goals for the Games.

Bay Area Sports Medicine

You may not be an Olympic athlete, but you deserve the same quality of care. The Institute of Arthroscopy & Sports Medicine is your Bay Area sports injury specialist. With Olympians and weekend warriors alike, the most common sports injuries afflict the knees and shoulders. Our expert ACL surgeons and knee specialists will facilitate your recovery and help you get back to the sports you love. Contact us today at (415) 923-0944 to schedule a consultation.

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