Safe Activities When Recovering from a Torn ACL

Guidance from a San Francisco  ACL Specialist

If you’ve recently had knee surgery for a torn ACL, your orthopedic surgeon should explain the difference between activities that are safe and ones that could cause knee damage. Immediately after surgery, you need to get plenty of rest and relaxation. Reduce pain by elevating your leg, icing the knee, and using crutches to get around.


Your ACL tear specialist will probably prescribe a range of motion exercises during physical therapy sessions. You will likely be focusing on range of knee motion exercises, gentle strengthening, gait training, and use of electrical stimulation and ultrasound to control swelling and pain. Your goal is to regain knee strength, balance, and range of motion over the 12-28 week recovery period.

Avoid any activities that can further your injury. You can engage in the following muscle strengthening exercises at home, provided that your knee injury doctor and therapist give you the green light. All of these can be done while lying or sitting down:

These stretches and strengthening exercises tend to be gentle enough to build strength and muscle without causing further damage or exacerbating stress to joints or soft tissues. Remember to take it one step at a time, and stick to your physical therapy plans.

Excellent Bay Area Orthopedic Knee ACL Doctor Can Help You Recover

Consult the experienced team here at IASM and our ACL doctor for insight about how to maximize your recovery and, ideally, return to the sporting activities you love. Call us today at 415-923-5896 to schedule an appointment.

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