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Signs your knee injury could be serious

Is your knee bothering you?

When it comes to sporting and exercising activities, knee injuries tend to be quite a common occurrence. The good thing is that most of them do not require surgery. However, it is still important that you be on the lookout for any signs that may indicate your knee injury is serious and see a Bay Area knee injury specialist.  Some symptoms to watch for are:



In most cases, it is normal for your knee to contain a bit of fluid around the injured area. However, if the swelling becomes too much just a couple of hours after injury, then you may have a fracture or a torn ACL. This injury will require a visit to a Bay Area knee doctor.

Pop sound

In case you hear some sort of loud popping sound after a fall or awkward land coming from your knee followed by a sharp pain, then you should consider visiting a knee injury specialist in the Bay Area to determine if you have a torn ligament.

Impossible to bear weight

Most serious knee injuries can result in pain whenever one tries to put pressure on the injured leg. If you find yourself in such a situation, it would be best that you seek medical attention.

Your knee giving out or buckling under pressure

If your knee happened to give out by twisting during a sporting event, or buckled under the pressure of a jump, then you should probably seek medical attention. This is because both scenarios could be a sign of a torn ligament.

A locked knee

It is common for young athletes to injure their meniscus in such a way that the inner torn fragment is flipped into the center, thereby preventing motion. Also, a bucket-handle meniscus tear will more than likely require surgery so that the surgeon can push it back in place and fix it with anchors or sutures.

Inability to fully extend the knee

Things such as inflammation, swelling, aches, or pains can restrict the knees’ range of motion. However, there are certain situations where such symptoms could be a sign of a larger problem like a torn ACL, patellar dislocation, meniscus, or other knee problems.

Inability to fully extend the knee is serious and requires medical attention. Visit a knee doctor in the Bay Area to get the treatment you need.

Still worried about your knee?

If you are unsure how serious your knee injury is and would like a specialist’s opinion. Please contact our office for a consultation at 415-923-0944

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