Sports Medicine Office Sees El Niño Bringing a Long California Ski Season

San Francisco Shoulder Doctor and Snow Sports Specialist Discusses This Year’s Wet Weather Season

Ski resorts are feeling hopeful about the recent snowfall brought on by El Niño the storm. Resorts opened early this winter, which is something that hasn’t happened in years because of the California drought. Although ski resorts are “cautiously optimistic” about the current snowfall, rain and snow are expected to hit California’s landscape for a while thanks to El Niño. But along with the good news comes risks and potentially harmful circumstances. Doctors who practice sports medicine are used to seeing many snow-related injuries during the winter months. In 2014, over 290,000 individuals were treated for winter sports–related injuries.


Injuries vary from person to person, but common injuries include dislocations, sprains, tears, fractures, and more. For injuries dealing with a unique or sensitive part of your body, consider seeing a specialist in that area for the best advice. For example, if you tear your meniscus, visit a torn meniscus treatment specialist for the best and quickest recovery advice.

Not all injuries are completely avoidable, but many of them could have been prevented with the proper care. Most injuries take place towards the end of the day when individuals are physically tired, less alert, and more susceptible to mishaps. If participants would listen to their bodies and stop when they feel pain or fatigue, they might eliminate injuries. It is also important to condition your body and be in good physical shape when you are on the snow. Again, this will protect your body from the injury that results from fatigue and overall poor bodily form. Along with these two things, there are many other practical steps you can take to have a safe outing, including:

Get The Best in Sports Medicine San Francisco Has to Offer

Take advantage of the snowfall and go hit the slopes. Just make sure you take the right precautions to avoid injury. If you find yourself experiencing a common injury like severe shoulder or rotator cuff pain, visit a shoulder doctor or any skiing injury specialist and they can get you on a road to recovery. To speak to a qualified medical professional, call my practice today at (415) 923-0944.

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