Steps to Prevent a Rotator Cuff Tear in Baseball Players

Play baseball? Read on to help you avoid seeing a Bay Area shoulder doctor!

Rotator cuff injuries are no laughing matter, causing pain, weakness, decreased range-of-motion, and difficulty sleeping. This seems a prevalent injury among athletes, perhaps in particular, baseball players. Avoid this debilitating issue and protect your shoulder, on and off the field so you won’t end up in front of a Bay Area shoulder injury specialist.

Play ball? Protect and prevent rotator cuff injuries with these tips:

Watch your form.

You put yourself at a greater risk of injury when you don’t pay attention to form; one wrong move and you could feel it in your shoulders and across your upper back.  Sports medicine doctors in San Francisco encourage their patients to use proper technique and practice regularly to avoid injuries.  Try not to hurry through warm-ups and workouts; this can lead to injury.

Work it all.

Are you working all the muscle groups in your shoulders? Ask any San Francisco shoulder doctor and they will advise that you pay attention to the muscles along the back of your shoulder and around the shoulder blades. This helps condition the muscles which can reduce issues with the socket, which is especially important in throwing, such as pitching a game.  Furthermore, this helps to build both shoulders creating balance that could improve your posture and stance.

Look for signs.

Do you ignore what your body is trying to tell you? If you have been experiencing tiredness, pain, or stiffness, see your doctor. Try using heat on aching shoulders but if pain persists, talk to your trainer, practitioner, or doctor. Taking a break and resting the muscles may help to alleviate pain – and will likely be recommended by your healthcare professional. 

Know your risks.

Even if you do everything right, you could be at risk for an injury. Genetics can come into play, so if your parents struggled with rotator cuff problems, you may, too. Also, age can play a role, so be particularly vigilant about protecting your shoulder from rotator cuff tears after age 40. If you are planning to play baseball after a hiatus or absence, see your provider for sports medicine in San Francisco to play it safe. You can’t be too careful when it comes to your well-being.

Do you think you need to see a Bay Area shoulder injury specialist?

If you have experienced pain in your shoulder followed by weakness, you could have a rotator cuff injury. See orthopedic doctor and surgeon, Dr. Jeffrey Halbrecht, to rule-out an injury that could derail you from the game. Consulting with a shoulder injury specialist in the Bay Area can also pinpoint potential risk factors, reveal treatment options, and bring relief to those living with rotator cuff injuries.

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