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The Importance of Proper Rehab After Knee Surgery

Bay Area Knee Injury Specialist Discusses Key Behavior After a Knee Operation

Whether you’re searching for a knee replacement doctor to help you treat a nagging knee condition, or you’ve already gone through at least one knee operation that’s created pain and lack of mobility, you want to engage in accurate, effective rehab under the guidance of a qualified professional.


Excessive knee pain can render many patients nearly immobile, so building relevant muscles back up can be delicate work. Your San Francisco knee injury specialist will likely be able to recommend a qualified person (or team) to help you rebuild strength, test your joints, and manage setbacks.

What’s the purpose of knee rehab? The process does many things. First, it facilitates fuller movement in your joint, and it also safely stimulates the attached muscles. In addition, when done properly, it can reduce post-operative swelling and ease discomfort. After surgery, circulation in and around the knee area can be problematic; physical therapy can prevent blood from clotting at or near the site of the surgery.

Many knee rehab exercises can be done in a sitting position from the comfort of your home. Your therapist will develop a unique regimen, based on your needs and limitations, to stimulate your muscles, ease pain, and help you return to your daily life.

As your knee rehab routine progresses, you may experience pain in your joints or swelling. Communicate with your knee doctor and rehab specialist. Do not “speed through” your regimen; giving your body more than it can handle may result in serious injury. While on pain medication, your goal will most likely be to improve knee extension. Once you wean off pain medication, your therapist may turn more attention to knee flexion exercises.

San Francisco Knee Doctor Can Help Heal Your Injury

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