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The Importance of Rehabilitation After Orthopedic Surgery

For some patients, recovering from orthopedic surgery requires having a team of physicians and other medical professionals who are well acquainted with the individual needs and requirements of this kind of procedure. This is why patients are typically assigned a rehabilitation team that works closely with the orthopedic surgeon in charge and any other relevant physicians in order to help them achieve more motion and movement capabilities.

The Importance of Rehabilitation After Orthopedic Surgery

Any San Francisco orthopedic surgeon will tell you that the period of rehabilitative care needed by a patient will largely depend on a range of factors, some of which include the severity of their injury and the attitude of the patient. However, the physical therapy team will play a major role towards your rehabilitation. Without them, and the exercises they recommend, you may fail to regain full or minimum movement capabilities in the affected area.

During the first appointment, your San Francisco orthopedic doctor will assess your degree or range of motion and function in the injured area. They will also ask questions on the level of pain you feel and your expectations in terms of recovery. Such information will help them to establish a viable workout program for you, and recommend any changes that you may need to make at home to hasten your recovery.

Rehabilitation after an orthopedic surgery has to happen on all fronts, which are the hospital, at home, and at work. By engaging in physiotherapy recommended by your physician, and making the necessary alterations at home and at work, such as moving around on a wheelchair, installing ramps, or making adjustments to your desk, you will be able to get your body working as it once did. This is why occupational therapists work closely with orthopedic surgeons, to help patients achieve their recovery goals quicker.

Rehabilitation after orthopedic surgery is the only way you will be able to engage in exercises and strength training practices that will help you regain full use of your affected joint(s) and muscles. It’s very important that your physiotherapist is able to properly observe you during your rehabilitation period. In doing so, they will work with you and determine which exercises you need to do more than others in order to regain full range in motion.

Learn more about rehabilitation protocols here.

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