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What is LIPOGEMS® Lipoaspiration Treatment?

All About LIPOGEMS® Lipoaspiration Treatment

LIPOGEMS® is a game changer in regenerative medicine that surpasses stem cell therapies. The FDA approved revolutionary treatment pertains to a non-expanded, micro-fractured autologous adipose tissue technology designed to harness the optimal healing properties of fat harvesting. It’s a sterile, single-use, closed-loop, disposable device that empowers your Bay Area LIPOGEMS® doctor to harvest, concentrate and transfer a patient’s fat for the reconstruction, replacement or repair of damaged tissue. LIPOGEMS® is effectively used for various orthopedic, neuromuscular, cardiovascular, and autoimmune conditions.

Isn’t Fat Bad For My Health?

Many have the common misconception that fat is harmful and something to avoid altogether, failing to realize how vital it is to the body’s operation. Fat is interestingly highly beneficial when injected into damaged tissue, or an arthritic joint. It’s a very dynamic and active biological tissue rich in the promising multipotent mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs), pericytes that are significant to overall growth, and cytokines that are crucial in sending other cells signals towards proper cell function.

Fat, however, tends to bury essential healing agents along with cytokines underneath its layers. Buried within the complex fat matrix, intact fat exhibits decreased healing potential. Though it can be dissolved into enzymes, FDA regulations prohibit this unless a special permission or research licenses exist, limiting its usefulness. This is where LIPOGEMS® comes in.

What Makes LIPOGEMS® So Unique?

LIPOGEMS® captures the complete healing potential of adipose tissue in an enzyme-free process. It’s not simply and merely another “stem cell” treatment. In fact, if pure stem cells are injected into a damaged area, most cells will become ineffective.

MSCs, together with the supporting cast of cells and proteins, pave the way to successful LIPOGEMS® treatments without the need for surgery. It promotes the natural regenerative process of tissues in a total healing microenvironment.

Carefully processed and then precisely injected by a LIPOGEMS® San Francisco expert, patients experience a life-changing treatment that merely takes over an hour to complete!

How The LIPOGEMS® Procedure Works

LIPOGEMS® treatments are virtually painless following a short process:

Contact Bay Area Orthopedic Surgeon, Dr. Jeffrey Halbrecht at IASM

Board certified, world-class surgeon Dr. Jeffrey Halbrecht provides patients the latest, highly-effective, lipoaspirate regenerative medicine treatment as an alternative to surgery. You can expect stellar results from a state-of-the-art procedure done by the best orthopedic surgeon San Francisco has to offer. Contact us today at (415) 923-0944 or book an appointment online via ZocDoc.

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