When Should I See a Doctor About Shoulder Pain?

Is your shoulder bothering you? How do you know when is it time to see a shoulder doctor in San Francisco to evaluate and treat your shoulder pain? There are a few key indicators listed below. Don’t minimize or delay treatment for a sore shoulder that is impacting the way that you live your life. Here are a few situations that merit seeing a physician as soon as possible.

You were recently injured. If you were recently injured playing a sport you love or another activity and are experiencing shoulder pain, book an appointment to see a doctor.

You have concerns about chronic pain. Are you concerned about ongoing pain? If you have been struggling with chronic shoulder pain, see your physician.

It hurts to do specific activities. A sign of a rotator cuff tear is pain when you do specific activities, particularly repetitive ones that you previously could perform and are now difficult. A torn rotator cuff is serious and prompt treatment is key.

You have lost some range of motion. See your doctor if you are experiencing a loss of range of motion. This may manifest when you dress in the morning and struggle to lift your arms and put on a shirt, or when you reach for something in a cabinet. See a shoulder doctor in the Bay Area that can help you get back to your normal daily activities.

Shoulder pain keeps you awake. If you experience pain that keeps you up at night and prevents you from getting a good night’s rest, seek help from a physician. This could be a sign of a serious issue and there could be a simple solution that will help.

Your life is being impacted. When shoulder pain begins to negatively impact your everyday life, it is time to see a professional for help. If you are having trouble doing activities that you are accustomed to doing daily, your life is being significantly impacted. Don’t minimize your discomfort and see a doctor as quickly as possible.

Early diagnosis could allow for more conservative treatment options, such as physical therapy or injections for inflammation. For more severe or serious injuries, surgery may be a prudent approach. Book an appointment to talk to a shoulder doctor in the Bay Area to learn more.  

Are You Looking for a Shoulder Doctor In San Francisco?

Are you suffering with shoulder pain and looking for a doctor? Call Dr. Jeffrey Halbrecht, a shoulder surgeon in San Francisco for a consultation. He is a knee and shoulder injury specialist that can help you get back to your normal daily activities as quickly as possible.  415-923-0944

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