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Which Treatment for Osteoarthritis Is Right for You?

If you’re suffering from osteoarthritis, you might feel overwhelmed about your situation. This is a degenerative disease that can lead to chronic pain, and it can be hard to find a treatment that works for you. However, medicine is improving every day, and you’ve got more options than you think. Let’s discuss the most effective treatments for osteoarthritis, and how to pick one that fits your lifestyle. 

The Institute for Arthroscopy and Sports Medicine (IASM) in San Francisco, California deals with more than just sports injuries. In fact, our team provides PRP injections and cartilage restoration to those suffering from an array of chronic pain conditions, including osteoarthritis. If you’re struggling with a degenerative joint that isn’t responding to traditional treatments, we can help you manage your pain. 

Osteoarthritis basics

Osteoarthritis is a form of arthritis that comes from wear-and-tear of the joint structure. Your joints are cushioned by cartilage, but it can wear away over time or be damaged by an acute injury or repetitive use motions. This leads to pain and stiffness in your joints, particularly your knees, hands, spine, and hips. 

Chronic pain caused by osteoarthritis can be exhausting and debilitating, leading you to seek out treatments to alleviate your pain and slow down the deterioration of the joint cartilage. Since osteoarthritis advances over time, a treatment that works in the beginning may not work in later stages of the disease’s progression.  

Osteoarthritis treatment options

Most people start with conservative treatments to reduce pain and promote stability in their joints. These include over-the-counter painkillers, braces, medications, and various forms of therapy. As they become less effective, there are other treatments available for osteoarthritis, including: 

These treatments typically require regular visits to an orthopedic doctor in the Bay Area who understands osteoarthritis and its challenges. Not everyone pursues more serious treatment, but these options can be beneficial for those with aggressive cases. 

Cartilage restoration can cushion your joints and prevent pain, while injections of platelet-rich plasma and cortisone can reduce pain and promote healing. In extreme cases, joint replacement is also an option. 

Making your treatment decision 

If you’re struggling with pain, mobility, and daily life, the doctors at IASM speacialize in sports medicine Bay Area and can help walk you through all of your options. We can explain the pros and cons of each, and go over your personal medical records and history to determine which one is right for you. 

To get in touch with the experts at IASM, call 415-233-7996 or book an appointment online.

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