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Ankle Arthroscopy


What is it?
Arthroscopy means ‘scoping of a joint’ in Latin, or the surgical treatment of a joint using a small fiber optic telescope-like device. Arthroscopic techniques allow less invasive surgery, with faster healing, less post operative pain and more rapid return to sports. Ankle arthroscopy is commonly performed in athletes to allow rapid return to sports.

A list of the most common indications for arthroscopy of the ankle follows:

Loose Bodies: Fragments of loose cartilage or bone are removed from the joint (common after multiple sprains).

OCD: Osteochondritis Dessicans-damaged bone and cartilage on the talus bone of the ankle are treated by drilling deep into the bone to encourage bleeding and in growth of healing cells.

Arthritis: Loose debris and inflammatory enzymes are washed free. Spurs are removed.

Fusion: In severe cases of arthritis, the joint can be fused arthroscopically

Impingement: Painful scar tissue that pinches in the front of the ankle is removed.

Fractures: In some cases, splinters of bone are removed from the joint after fractures


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