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Unar Nerve Entrapment


The Injury
The “funny bone” is actually not a bone, but an exposed area where the ulnar nerve passes around the elbow. Anyone who has ever banged their funny bone knows how sensitive this nerve can be. This nerve may become chronically inflamed and entrapped in its tight passage around the elbow (the passage is called the cubital tunnel).

Burning pain, tingling at the elbow and down the arm to the ring and pinky fingers.

Treatment Options
Non Operative
Splinting, immobilization, rest, ice, antiinflammatory medicine.

If symptoms fail to resolve surgery is recommended to avoid permanent damage to the nerve. At surgery, the nerve is released from its tight passage and relocated to a more protected location. Surgery is done as an outpatient procedure, and a splint is used for a few days followed by range of motion and strengthening exercises.


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