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Dr. Jeffrey L Halbrecht


Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon Specializing in Arthroscopic Surgery and Sports Medicine

Dr. Halbrecht is a board certified orthopedic surgeon specializing in arthroscopic surgery and sports medicine. He is a member of the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons and the Arthroscopy Association of North America. He has been an active member of the learning center committee, which teaches other orthopedic surgeons from around the world current techniques in arthroscopic surgery. Dr. Halbrecht is a member of AOSSM (American Orthopedic Society for Sports Medicine), the former medical director for the Women’s World Pro Ski Tour, a consultant for AVP Volleyball, and US Soccer, and former Associate Professor at University of California at San Francisco in the Graduate Department of Physical Therapy.

Dr. Halbrecht has been a pioneer in minimally invasive techniques in arthroscopic surgery including numerous articles and presentations on in-office arthroscopic techniques, and is currently involved in research on the treatment of articular cartilage injuries and new techniques in arthroscopic surgery of the knee and shoulder. Dr Halbrecht is also a member of numerous medical societies and is a frequent lecturer nationally and internationally on techniques in Arthroscopic surgery. Dr Halbrecht obtained his undergraduate degree from Columbia University, where he graduated with honors, and did his medical school training at New York University where he was president of the AOA honor society. He did his orthopedic training at the prestigious Hospital for Joint Disease in New York and has completed two fellowships, one in orthopedic biomechanics and research, and the other in sports medicine at the world renowned Southern California Center for Sports Medicine. Dr. Halbrecht specializes in arthroscopic surgery and the treatment of knee and shoulder injuries and is in private practice in San Francisco.

What People Are Saying?  

Testimonial from Dr. Jenny Sanders

“As a Physician, I can choose any doctor I want to do my surgery… I chose Dr. Halbrecht because of his skills as a surgeon and great reputation.

I couldn’t be happier!” Jenny S.

“In late 2003, I tore my meniscus, a muscle in my knee, through a sports injury. I researched doctors who perform this type of surgery and came up with a short list of three. Upon further research (including the input from other doctors), Dr. Halbrecht emerged as the clear choice. In January 2004, he performed a repair of my meniscus.

The way I was injured presented doctors with a choice: to repair the tear or cut it out. Cutting it out is simpler for doctors. Dr. Halbrecht was able to repair, as opposed to cut out the tear, and my recovery is better as a result (for instance, I set my personal record for a triathlon the year after the surgery). Dr. Halbrecht clearly explained the choice to me and was very professional.

Incidentally, I had another positive experience with Dr. Halbrecht in 2000. I strained my rotator cuff in my shoulder by waterskiing. I went to five doctors, all of whom recommended surgery. When I saw Dr. Halbrecht as my sixth doctor, he explained that shoulder surgery is especially tricky and he examined me. He recommended recovery through physical therapy instead of surgery and my shoulder has recovered well. I was surprised to find a surgeon who recommended against surgery when five other doctors had recommended it but he was right.

In summary, Dr. Halbrecht is world-class.” Steven L.


“I had surgery to repair a torn patella tendon in March 2007. I went to Dr. Halbrecht for a second opinion because of continued pain in patella tendon in Nov. 2007.

Dr. Halbrecht was willing to use non-aggressive treatments at my request. I eventually had Dr. Halbrecht perform surgery to shave my patella tendon and clean out the scar tissue in my knee in Sept. 2008.

My knee feels better than it has in years and I am ready to resume my activities from before the injury.

Dr. Halbrecht is friendly, listened to all my concerns and answered all my questions. His staff is very professional and has the best customer service of any medical office I have been to.” Garrett D.


“My knees are well worn from many years as a catcher in baseball and as someone who enjoys skiing the bumps. Eventually one knee went bone-on-bone and became quite painful and pretty debilitating. Dr. Halbrecht recommended the minimal amount of intervention that would get me back on my feet and active again. In my case that involved a partial knee replacement, and I was back walking around pain-free within days. Wow.

My interactions with Dr. Halbrecht have been very pleasing. He really engages with me and generally answers my questions clearly. Despite the fact that I need to drive up from the South Bay I actually look forward to my meetings with him. And that feeling also extends to the office staff; lots of warmth and friendliness. The bottom line, though, is the quality of the medical care that I have gotten. I think Dr. Halbrecht is smart, logical, on top of the state-of-the-art approaches, and an excellent surgeon. It’s just gravy that he is also enjoyable to talk to. I’d do it again, that’s for sure.” Chuck H.


“I severed an achilles tendon playing basketball. Dr. Halbrecht performed successful surgery, and the injured foot is now even sturdier than the uninjured foot. Dr. Halbrecht’s guidance during the rehab process was key to the full recovery which I enjoyed, and his mature, knowledgeable and warm approach made for a pleasant experience.

Since then, I have continued to seek Dr. Halbrecht’s counsel for various injuries, and have never failed to receive prudent guidance from him. I can recommend him as a true professional, and as a compassionate individual.” Dane R.




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