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All sports have a risk of injury. Dr Halbrecht and his team can help you minimize your risk of injury with the appropriate fitness and rehabilitation program. And if you are unfortunate enough to get injured , the proper treatment can get you back in action quickly. As experts in Sports Medicine, the team at IASM understands the rigors and nuances of athletic injuries and utilize the latest techniques to get you back in the game!

Click below on your favorite sport and read about common injuries, their prevention and treatment.

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Skiing Injuries:
The most common injuries in downhill skiing are to the knee, shoulder and thumb. Because of the long twisting lever arm of the ski, tears of the anterior cruciate ligament and medial collateral ligament are the most common knee injuries. Impact from moguls or jumps can cause chipping of the surface of the knee (articular cartilage). Shoulder injuries occur with tumbling falls, causing either dislocations or rotator cuff tears. If the pole gets caught between the thumb and forefinger, a tear of the ulna collateral ligament of the thumb may occur. Ski Injuries may be prevented by proper pre season conditioning and proper falling technique.



Windsurfing Injuries:
Most windsurfing injuries are overuse injuries related to gripping the boom. Typical problems are rotator cuff impingement, carpal tunnel syndrome and elbow tendinitis. Foot injuries may occur with use of footstraps. Many injuries can be prevented by equipment or technique modification.



Tennis Injuries:
Racquet sports frequently cause inflammation of the elbow and shoulder. The most common injuries are rotator cuff tendinitis and tennis elbow. Injury may be prevented by proper equipment, technique and conditioning.



Snowboarding Injuries:
Knee injuries are less common with snowboarding than in skiing due to the fixed position of the legs. Unfortunately, most of the force from falling is therefore taken by the upper limbs and back. Common snowboarding injuries are wrist fractures, shoulder injuries, clavicle fractures, and spine injuries.



Soccer Injuries:
ACL tears are very common due to the twisting nature of this sport, particularly among female athletes. Other injuries include ankle sprainspatella dislocationship strains and foot injuries.



Basketball Injuries:
Few sports require the combination of twisting running cutting and jumping involved in basketball. Frequent injuries include tears of the ACL and damage to the articular cartilage in the knee. Other common injuries are achilles tendon tears, patella tendinitis (jumpers knee) and meniscus tears.



Running Injuries:
Subtle malalignment can cause a multitude of problems for the runner. Common injuries include iliotibial band syndrome, chondromalacia patella, plica syndrome, popliteal cysts. Many problems can be treated with orthotics to control alignment, rotation, and leg length, and with the use of proper stretching, training techniques and running shoes.



Volleyball Injuries:
Jumping and hitting are the main causes of injury. Common injuries are ankle sprains,patella tendinitis and knee ligament tears from jumping, and stretching of the shoulder ligaments or tearing of the rotator cuff from hitting.



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