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5 Common Ski Injuries: Prevention and Treatment

Skiing is an incredibly popular — and can be an incredibly dangerous — sport. For thrillseekers, there’s nothing better, but what are the risks of injury, and how can you safeguard against them? Our San Francisco Ski Doctor weighs in.

Oct 10th, 2021
ACL Tears: Can Shrinkage Help?

If you’ve recently stretched or torn your anterior cruciate ligament, ACL shrinkage might be an option for you by a skilled knee surgeon in San Francisco. Here’s what you need to know about the procedure.

Sep 8th, 2021
How to Tell if You Have Cartilage Damage

Cartilage is a tough, flexible tissue found throughout the body. It covers joint surfaces, acting as a shock absorber and allowing bones to slide over one another. Our expert sports medicine doctor in San Francisco offers information on cartilage damage.

Aug 15th, 2021
Understanding Chondromalacia Patella

Chondromalacia patella, a form of “runner’s knee,” is a common problem among athletes, especially as they get older. Here’s what you need to know from a skilled San Francisco sports medicine doctor about this degenerative condition.

Aug 11th, 2021
Tips for Preventing Common Summertime Injuries

Clear blue skies, brilliant sun rays, and light-filled days have a way of spurring physical activity and motivating even the most sedentary of persons. Here are some tips from a San Francisco Sports Injury Doctor on preventing injury.

Jul 16th, 2021
How To Tell If You Have A Dislocated Shoulder

The shoulder is the most common joint to experience dislocations because it is primarily held together by a tight network of ligaments and tendons. Our Bay Area sports medicine doctor offers symptoms to look for to tell if your shoulder is dislocated.

Jun 30th, 2021
Signs your knee injury could be serious

When it comes to sporting and exercising activities, knee injuries tend to be quite a common occurrence. The good thing is that most of them do not require surgery. Our Bay Area knee doctor offers some symptoms to help you figure out if you need treatment.

Jun 30th, 2021
Will My ACL Tear Heal on Its Own?

ACL tears can seriously impact your mobility and athletic performance. If you’ve recently suffered such an injury, you might be wondering if surgical intervention by a Bay Area sports medicine doctor is necessary, or if your knee can heal on its own.

May 10th, 2021
Does My Knee Injury Require Surgery?

If you’ve recently suffered a knee injury, you might be wondering if surgery is necessary for a full recovery. Here’s some insight into why certain knee injuries need surgical intervention.

Mar 7th, 2021
COVID Has Changed How We Stay Active

The COVID-19 Pandemic definitely changed the face of sports in 2020. From professional athletes to stay-at-home moms and everything in between. This article takes a look at how things have changed and how you can safely get treatment in 2021.

Feb 15th, 2021
What Conditions Can Benefit from PRP Injections?

Chronic pain from soft tissue or tendon injuries can be debilitating. Find out how platelet-rich plasma can help kickstart your body’s natural healing ability and reduce pain from common injuries.

Feb 1st, 2021
Is Surgery the Only Option for an ACL Tear?

When your doctor tells you that you've suffered an ACL injury, the next step is figuring out what treatment plan is best. Will you have to have surgery, or can a more conservative option restore your mobility?

Dec 8th, 2020
Understanding Internal Impingement

Shoulder pain in athletes can be caused by a number of issues, but athletes who perform repetitive overarm motions can be particularly susceptible to internal impingement.

Oct 13th, 2020
Are You Covered?

Masks have become more than just something to wear over the nose and mouth. They have become politically divisive, for some a proxy for the freedom of personal choice. Here, we will ignore the politics and focus on the physiology.

Aug 27th, 2020
When Your Knees Are More of a Liability than an Asset

Is your chronic knee pain making day-to-day life unbearable? If a number of different treatment options to mitigate pain and increase mobility have failed, the useful lifespan of your knees may have run its course.

Jun 12th, 2020
Protect Your Knees While Skiing this Winter!

When winter fills the mountains with fresh snow, thousands of enthusiasts will hit the slopes to enjoy the ideal skiing conditions. Unfortunately, skiing can also result in injuries that will require orthopedic surgery in San Francisco. Typically, skiing i

Dec 17th, 2019
Tips for Staying Fit in the Winter Months

For those experiencing the weather shift and all that comes along with the change of seasons, stay motivated to exercise and maintain your routine. Be creative and don’t stop just because the weather has gotten colder and wet or even if snow has fallen.

Dec 17th, 2019
Partial Vs. Full Knee Replacement

If you are considering the prospect of knee replacement surgery, learn more about what lies ahead.Talk to San Francisco Orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Jeffrey Halbrecht, to alleviate any concerns, and to discuss your surgical options.

Jul 20th, 2021
Key Factors That Impact Meniscal Tear Recovery After Surgery

Meniscal tears are one of the most common knee injuries. Several factors play a role in deciding what treatment is most appropriate, including both the kind of tear you have and its location. Our San Francisco orthopedic surgeon goes over the details.

Jul 16th, 2021
Telehealth: The Advantages of Telemedicine

Struggles to get to the clinic? Trying to reduce your exposure to COVID-19, as well as other contagious illnesses, and still need to see your doctor? Telehealth is safe and easy — receive quality care from anywhere.

Jan 21st, 2021
Common Shoulder Injuries & Conditions

Shoulder injuries and conditions continue to be a major health concern for many individuals across the globe. Our Bay Area shoulder injury specialist offers some symptoms to watch for to decide if you might need medical attention.

Dec 30th, 2019
FAQ About ACL Surgery

The ACL i.e. anterior cruciate ligament is one of a set of cruciate ligaments (posterior cruciate ligament being the other) in a person’s knee. Here are some FAQ that many ask a San Francisco orthopedic surgeon before the procedure.

Dec 30th, 2019
6 Tips to Avoid Knee Surgery

More than 600,000 Americans endure knee replacement surgery each year, and it can be a long road to recovery for many.

Dec 30th, 2019
Can You Benefit From Cartilage Replacement?

An injury to the knee can be debilitating and the road to recovery long. Certain injuries may compromise cartilage, which can cause chronic pain and limited range of movement.

Dec 30th, 2019
Tips to Prevent Skiing-Related Knee Injuries This Winter

The most common skiing injuries happen to the lower limb, typically the knee. Knee sprains (including ACL and/or MCL tears) account for about 30% of all skiing injuries. If you get a knee sprain while skiing this winter don’t hesitate to seek out a ski do

Dec 30th, 2019
What Sports Cause ACL Tears?

Deciding if you need ACL reconstruction surgery depends, in large part, on what activities you want to return to after treatment. If you’re an athlete whose sport is considered high-demand sport, you will most likely require a functioning ACL.

Dec 30th, 2019
The Importance of Stretching

You know how important exercise is to leading a healthy lifestyle. You probably do cardio at least a few times a week and hopefully work on building strength and muscle, as well.

Dec 30th, 2019
Risky winter activities you may want to avoid

Outdoor winter activities can be fun and glorious, but they can also be very dangerous, depending on the circumstances. To protect your health, exercise caution when engaging in sports like skiing, sledding, skating, or hockey.

Dec 30th, 2019
The Importance of Proper Rehab After Knee Surgery

Whether you’re searching for a knee replacement doctor to help you treat a nagging knee condition, or you’ve already gone through at least one knee operation that’s created pain and lack of mobility, you want to engage in accurate, effective rehab...

Dec 30th, 2019
Common Causes of a Dislocated Shoulder

About 14 million people suffer from shoulder pain each year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), including shoulder dislocations that can result in severe pain and prolonged symptoms.

Dec 30th, 2019
The Future of Orthopedics

New technologies are sparking innovations in practically every field of medicine, but how exactly will the advent of things like better mobile diagnostics and smarter drugs change the field of orthopedics and help patients?

Dec 30th, 2019
ACL Self-Repair Possible Instead of Surgery

Damaging your ACL often leads to surgery. Unfortunately, repairing the torn ligament doesn’t often work. Your Bay Area ACL specialist or surgeon may need to rely on replacing the ligament, instead.

Dec 30th, 2019
Benefits of 3D Printing in Orthopedics

Saving the life of an at-risk, innocent child will always be heralded as a noble and meaningful act. Surprisingly, 3D printing is responsible for such a significant feat.

Dec 30th, 2019
Common Knee Injuries and How to Prevent Them

Ever had a favorite pair of stiletto heels that made every outfit you wore look like a red carpet favorite? Unfortunately, that beloved pair of high heels is equally responsible for pain in your body.

Dec 30th, 2019
The Most Common Ski Injuries and How to Treat Them

Alpine (downhill) skiing continues to increase in popularity as a recreational sport. Thanks to faster ski lifts, the expansion of trails, and slope design, many more people are heading out to the snow.

Dec 30th, 2019
Planning for Common Cold Weather Sports Injuries

Hitting the slopes for the winter break? During the holidays, an ACL surgeon or ski doctor may experience an increase in wounded patients who are injured after taking a trip to the mountains.

Dec 30th, 2019
The Latest Features in Ski and Snowboard Equipment

Ever wonder what a cartilage transplantation doctor does? Most people will answer “no,” unless you’re that small percentage who got so badly injured that you were forced to find out. Injuries are never fun, especially ski-related ones.

Dec 30th, 2019
Exercise Advice for Cold Weather Conditions

It may be more difficult to work out in the cold, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t possible. Research suggests that even in extremely cold weather, the body knows how to regulate itself to maintain a temperature of 98.6 degrees.

Dec 30th, 2019
How To Tell If You Have A Torn Rotator Cuff

Sometimes you don’t know how important something is until it stops working. Athletes know this very well, especially when their sports medicine doctor keeps them off the field to heal a small yet important body part.

Dec 30th, 2019
Prevention Tips for Common Little League Injuries

Just because an injury is common doesn’t mean it’s minor. A sports injury specialist will probably tell you that some of the most common injuries are highly detrimental, and can lead to other health problems in the future.

Dec 30th, 2019
Preparing for the 2016 Rio Olympics

Athletes who compete at the Olympic level have worked and sacrificed for years to achieve the level of fitness and skill needed to bring home a medal.

Dec 30th, 2019
Tips for Skiing on Aging Knees

It is finally ski season once again, and it’s time to hit the slopes for hours of fun outdoors. However, for those who are suffering from a knee injury, skiing is hardly an inviting winter activity.

Dec 30th, 2019
Preventing Soccer Injuries

When the United States hosted the World Cup in 1994, it was the first real indication that Americans were ready to embrace soccer.

Dec 30th, 2019
Weather and Its Impact on Slope Safety

Skiing and snowboarding are exhilarating winter activities that appeal to people of all ages. However, as with any sport, the weather can affect the safety of participants, and winter weather presents very specific challenges.

Dec 30th, 2019
How to Cool Down After a Hard Workout

A proper workout routine harvests many great benefits for many different reasons. Physical activity can lower the risk of obesity and other diseases, enhance mood and emotional stability, support regular sleep patterns and boost self-esteem.

Dec 30th, 2019
The Benefits of Arthroscopic Surgery

In the unfortunate event that a professional athlete sustains a sports-related injury, special medical care is likely required to return them to life’s daily activities.

Dec 30th, 2019