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Rotator Cuff Device


Rotator Cuff Device

Dr Halbrecht has invented a new device that makes it easier to repair rotator cuff tears in the shoulder.

Rotator cuff tears are difficult injuries that often take extensive time to rehabilitate. Any new technique that allows faster, more reliable surgery can improve the results. We have recently developed a new device that allows rotator cuff repair to be performed more quickly, with more secure fixation and with the potential for better long term results due to the absence of bulky suture knots that often remain and irritate the tissue.

Using a new locking knotless anchor called the Versalok, our rotator cuff repair times have dropped by up to 50% with more secure repair than using older methods. Laboratory testing has shown the Versalok to be the much stronger than alternative fixation devices. ( see table above). In addition, the Versalok allows the surgeon to repair the rotator cuff with perfect tissue tension every time, due to a novel suture tensioning device.

Dr Halbrecht is the inventor and patent holder for the Versalok which is being manufactured and sold through Mitek Corp. a division of Johnson & Johnson.


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