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Minimize Risk of Serious Gym Injuries

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Workout Advice from a Bay Area Sports Injury Specialist

Before starting a new workout routine, learn to understand your limits, and consult a San Francisco sports medicine doctor before training. Some of the most common conditions in sports medicine (which many folks sustain at the gym) include foot and ankle, knee, lower back, shoulder, or neck injuries. Improper form, overtraining, and lack of stretching can cause, or at least increase the risk of, these types of injuries. Not receiving treatment increases the risk of permanent damage.

Follow these workout tips to avoid a trip to a sports injury specialist:

Get the Best Sports Medicine San Francisco Has to Offer

Avoid most sports injuries by training properly, and you will see results with dedication and time. Severe shoulder and knee injuries require treatment. If you want to consult with a Bay Area sports injury specialist regarding your training regimen or an injury, call IASM at 415-923-0944. You can also book online by clicking HERE

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