Chronic Knee Pain – Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Thinking About Seeing a Knee Injury Doctor in San Francisco?

Chronic knee pain is long-term pain, swelling, or sensitivity in one or both knees. Many conditions can cause it. The cause will determine the symptoms that manifest. Many treatment options exist. A knee injury doctor in San Francisco can assist with interpreting your symptoms to pinpoint the cause, then advise you on the best treatment.


What Causes Chronic Knee Pain?

 Physical conditions or diseases can cause knee pain. These include: 

What Are the Symptoms of Chronic Knee Pain?

Chronic knee pain may present symptoms such as: 

Treating Chronic Knee Pain

Before getting treatment, you must get a diagnosis. The symptoms you report to your knee surgeon in San Francisco will determine the different types of diagnostic tests you will undergo to see what’s causing your chronic knee pain. These include blood work, physical examination, X-rays, CT scan or MRI, and other imaging tests. 

Each underlying cause of chronic knee pain has a specific type of treatment. These treatments may include: 

If the structure of your knee is damaged, your knee pain will not be something temporary. Without surgery performed by an ACL surgeon in San Francisco, you’ll continue to experience pain, inflammation, and swelling in your knee that will disrupt your daily activities. 

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