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COVID Has Changed How We Stay Active

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The Pandemic Has Changed Staying Active

One might think that a pandemic would decrease the number of sports injuries. With professional teams unable to play, train as usual, gyms closing, then re-opening and then closing again, many have had to change their entire routine to stay fit and active. Here's what orthopedic doctors in the Bay Area are seeing.

Professional Athletes

Many professional athletes took to their own homes for their training programs to stay on track with training goals. For those playing high contact sports, this may not be enough to avoid injury. There are many advantages of practicing with teammates and training professionally on the field and with professional coaches and trainers. Jumping back into sports after a prolonged interruption to a comprehensive training program without proper training and preparation can lead to more injuries. 

Athletes should take special care when resuming sports activities. We recommend that athletes put extra focus on individual weaknesses during training restrictions. The most important thing is to slowly build up to your return to sports.

Athletes who have had COVID-19 should be careful when returning to sports. Strength and muscle mass may have been affected and could leave you vulnerable to injuries. An examination by your Bay Area sports medicine doctor should be scheduled before returning to training and playing sports. You can work with your doctor on a plan to help you avoid injury. 

Other Athletes

Injuries are also on the rise for those that like to stay active and in shape. People have been avoiding gyms and working out from home amidst the pandemic. Home gyms are on the rise, but without fixed-weight machines for added stability and personal trainers, this can spell disaster. We are treating more ankle injuries, wrist, shoulder, and elbow injuries. With more people taking bike rides with the family, hiking outdoors, and enjoying snow sports;, sprains, fractures, tendon tears and knee injuries are increasing, Many are seeking out medical attention from their San Francisco orthopedic surgeon.

Consult with Your Bay Area Sports Medicine Doctor

If you get injured, seek medical attention for the best outcome in healing. Many are scared to take the risk of going to the doctor due to the pandemic. It is imperative for the proper healing of your injury. We have Telehealth options to meet over the phone for initial consultations and take every precaution in our office to endure the safety of our patients and staff. You are in good hands with Dr. Halbrecht and our team at IASM.

If you have injured yourself, give us a call to set up a consultation with Dr. Halbrecht. You can also book online on our website. You can find our contact options HERE. We can get you back to your "normal" activities as quickly as possible. 


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