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The Latest Features in Ski and Snowboard Equipment

Recent Improvements in Skiwear Examined by a Bay Area Sports Injury Specialist

Ever wonder what a cartilage transplantation doctor does? Most people will answer “no,” unless you’re that small percentage who got so badly injured that you were forced to find out. Injuries are never fun, especially ski-related ones. Fortunately, skiing and snowboarding equipment are getting better, more efficient, and easier to wear. 2016 will see some of the best skiing equipment to date, and this is encouraging more beginners to head to the slopes.

Skis are lighter than they have ever been. In addition, the style has evolved into something that adapts better to the snow. Skis are now having their tails curve up so they don’t touch the snow. The new design is great for new skiers who are learning how to turn. With this user-friendly design, fewer amateur skiers are going to have to make an emergency visit to the hospital to undergo orthopedic surgery.

Ski outerwear is also gearing toward comfort and efficiency. Boots with heating capabilities are being sold and the heat naturally helps the ski boots fit better. This is especially great for making sharp turns and will minimize the likelihood of having to visit an ACL specialist for an injury.

Heated gloves have also gotten better over the years with some pairs giving you the option to regulate the amount of heat used. Skiers with long hair are also enjoying new ski masks with magnets instead of Velcro. Velcro would often get caught in long hair, making it messy and uncomfortable. The magnets are a lot cleaner, and easier on the hair.

San Francisco ACL Specialist Knows Snow Sports Safety

Skiwear is continuing to improve as it shifts towards a lighter, natural, comfortable, and more efficient construct. To learn more about snow sports and how to protect yourself from injury, contact IASM at (415) 923-0944.

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