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When to Consider Knee Replacement Surgery

Is It Time For Knee Surgery? It Might Be Time To Get A Professional Opinion.

Patients with severe knee arthritis typically have significant pain and limitations in their usual activities. Many patients desire an option that will provide a permanent solution to problems with daily activities and controlling pain. Total knee replacement is typically effective and long-lasting.

A Bay Area knee replacement doctor will agree knee surgery is a major surgery. It is a procedure involving the risks associated with surgery, general anesthesia, and prolonged rehabilitation. For these reasons, many people struggle to know when the right time is to commit to replacing their knee and proceeding despite their anxiety. Some people want a knee replacement at the first hint of knowing it might be necessary. Others want to wait as long as possible despite the severity of difficulties they’re experiencing. Many people know friends or family members who have had the surgery and base their worries on that individual’s particular experience.

Because of these often conflicting and complicated issues, it’s common for people to struggle to make a decision. You’re not alone if you feel a little lost. Just about every patient struggles to know the right option.

Get A Professional Opinion

Your knee surgeon in San Francisco might tell you, “you’ll know when the time is right.” Some people could find this helpful, but this doesn’t give you much direction in finding the best option. Here are some signs that you can look for to help you decide if the time is right for knee replacement surgery, or if you can wait until a future time.

Signs You’re Ready

With the help of your knee injury specialist in the Bay Area, you must consider many factors prior to surgery, including age, overall health, bone density, and other medical issues (such as cardiac function or obesity). But the list above will give you an idea when you should begin to consider knee replacement surgery.

Signs You Are Not Ready

Discussing Knee Replacement With A Knee Surgeon in San Francisco

Patients who fit these criteria usually need more effort at treating their knee pain with more conservative measures. Discuss the signs you’re experiencing with your doctor. Knee replacement is generally considered a “last resort” treatment for knee arthritis. However, your mobility doesn’t have to be reduced to crawling just to be considered for the procedure. If you’ve already tried simpler, less-risky treatments, and they haven’t been effective, perhaps a knee replacement surgery is most likely to benefit you. Contact Dr. Jeffrey Halbrecht for a consultation HERE or call (415) 923-0944.

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